• Introductory call to client:
    • Explain the listing process
    • Explain the current market conditions
    • Discuss the list price
    • Discuss a date to go on the market
    • Discuss a time to get copies of the house keys
    • Discuss when a lockbox and signs will go up
    • Discuss & schedule staging
    • Discuss & schedule photographing the house
    • Discuss Open Houses & a tentative Open House schedule
    • Confirm the clients’ contact information – phone numbers, emails, etc.
    • Ask the client to have the homework packet completed by the time the photographer comes to take pictures
  • Start an office file on the client’s home
  • Send copies of the listing paperwork to the client & Re/Max office
  • Courier puts up Lockbox, metal frame sign (temporary) & directional signs
  • Sign company comes out and puts up the large sign post


  • Pre-staging walk-through:
    • A list is made of possible improvements, touch-ups and repairs that will
      help to present the property at it's best.
  • After the sellers complete the staging walk-through list, the stager comes back to assess which staging pieces will work the best in the house (if any are needed)
  • The property is staged (if needed)

Pictures, Flyers & Brochures:

  • The photographer comes out and photographs the house from many different angles and perspectives to make the rooms look their very best
  • After photographing the house, the photographer walks around again taking meticulous notes on all upgrades/renovations/special features/home owners’ information to make sure everything is marketed properly
  • The photographer sorts through the pictures & picks the best ones to use in the flyers, brochures and on the internet sites
  • The info flyer is designed, printed out, and dropped off in the box located on the sign post in front of the house.
  • The in-house brochures are designed, printed out, and placed inside the house.

Listing The House:

  • The listing is posted in multiple websites including:
  • Various photographs of the house are uploaded to each site
  • A copy of the listing, info flyer and in-house brochure are sent to the owners for review.
  • Any changes/edits the seller suggests are made to the listing.

Additional Marketing of The House:

  • Open Houses
    • Advertised in the Washington Post the day of the Open House
    • Open House directionals are put up the weekend of the Open House
    • An “Open Sunday” rider is put on the sign post in front of the house
    • Special Open House flyers are made
    • An Open House ad is put on the MLS website & various other websites
  • Postcards featuring the property are mailed out
  • Our company’s name recognition can be found advertised on grocery store shopping carts, in magazines & neighborhood directories in the area. This all contributes to the marketing of your home.

Servicing While the House is on the Market:

  • The lockbox is read to obtain information on the agents that have been to see the house, these agents are called to obtain their feedback on how the property shows
  • The feedback from the agents is provided to the sellers
  • Feedback from the Open Houses is provided to the sellers
  • Market updates are sent to the sellers
  • Our agents are more than willing to take sellers out to see their direct competition
  • New listings or status changes in the sellers area are sent so that new selling strategies can be discussed
  • Our agents will suggest new pricing strategies, reduction strategies or buyer/agent incentives if need be
  • After 30 days the listing is re-evaluated and edited or updated
  • Updated pictures are taken if things have changed in the house (paint, carpet, landscaping, furniture, etc.)
  • Provide clients with reputable referrals for: contractors, moving & storage units, accountants, interviewing referral agents in the new area that they are moving to etc.
  • The in-office staff is here 7 days a week from 9:00am-6:00pm doing everything they can to help get the house sold. Some things they do include:
    • Coping, faxing, emailing & scanning paperwork
    • Answering phone calls & assisting sellers, buyers & real estate agents
    • Help arrange home showings with real estate agents
    • Visit the vacant houses to make sure everything is fine at the property

When the House Receives an Offer:

  • An agent goes over and interprets the offer with the sellers
  • An agent helps the seller to write a counter offer if applicable
  • An agent negotiates the offer back and forth
  • An agent calls the lender to be sure the purchaser is fully qualified and to verify financing
  • Make sure all Home Owners Association or Condo Documents are ordered and delivered in a timely manner

Once the House Goes Under Contract:

  • Make sure the contract is fully ratified and send the clients a copy of the contract for their records
  • Call the sellers to go over the steps they will take from here to settlement
  • Discuss removing the contingencies (Home Inspection, Radon, Termite, Home Owner Association/Condo Docs, Sale of Home, etc.)
  • Help the client understand & negotiate the home inspection & walk-through addendums and make sure they are delivered within the specific time frame
  • Help obtain estimates for the repairs the seller agrees to do
  • Order the termite inspection
  • Help the client understand the termite inspection report and their obligations per the sales contract if termite or other wood-destroying insects are found
  • Coordinate the settlement time with all parties
  • Obtain the information the title company needs in a timely manner
  • Work on any issues that arise from contract to settlement
  • Follow up with the lender to be sure financing is on track for the settlement date
  • Keep the sellers updated as financial contingencies are removed
  • Review the HUD-1, correct any problems and send a copy to the sellers
  • Explain title charges and other line items on the HUD-1 to the sellers
  • Serve as Power of Attorney or arrange Power of Attorney if needed
  • Accompany sellers to settlement to make sure everything goes smoothly
  • Help with any post-closing issues: rent backs, security deposits and other escrows being released in a timely manner
  • Remove staging materials


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