The day Bruce fired Tanya from her job, she knew he really liked her. And no, Tanya wasn’t upset. She knew from the start that she was taking a big risk when she asked out Bruce, her boss at the time. “I figured I’d either get a date or get fired!” recalls Tanya with a laugh. But there was some definite chemistry between the two. When Tanya asked him out, Bruce accepted immediately. As they led their secret dating life, Bruce and Tanya knew they couldn’t keep their growing relationship under wraps, so Bruce gave Tanya the axe. “People got a little suspicious when I began helping her with her work,” jokes Bruce.

Better Together

Tanya didn’t take the firing personally; instead she married Bruce in 1984. “And he’s been paying for it ever since!” laughs Tanya. A few years later, they teamed up again to create one of Northern Virginia’s most dynamic real estate teams. “Since the day we met, we have always worked very well together,” says Bruce. “We have very different personalities and strengths, and it works as a real advantage.”

Standout Expertise

For many years, Bruce & Tanya have been ranked amongst the elite in their industry, individually at first, and then as a team. They have won more awards than they care to display. “I wish we could say it was all part of a grand plan,” says Tanya, “but our business grew around us – through neighbors and friends and the families we got to know through school and sports teams.” Of course they enjoy the accolade of their peers, but it’s the opportunity that they are able to live, work, and play in their community, surrounded by their friends, family, and clients that is their greatest reward. “We couldn’t have planned a better life. We love our community. We believe in it. We’ve chosen to raise our children here and here is where we’ve made our home.”

Bringing Home Quality

As their business grew, it became important for them to hang on to the quality of care they were known for. Bruce & Tanya began to compile what they call “our posse” Tanya smiles, “they make it possible for us to concentrate on our clients! Typically, about half of what we usually do is paperwork, and neither of us really enjoys that part” explains Tanya. “Over the course of the years, we have slowly built a team of support staff. It was the single best move we ever made, “ says Bruce, “it made the work fun again.”

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